What is PageRank and How to check PageRank? - Online tools to check PageRank.

What is PageRank?

PageRank introduced by Google to determine the Quality of a Website. A website can have PageRank between 0 to 10. 0 is the minimum PageRank and 10 is the highest PageRank value.

This PageRank is most important for the Search Engine results, let suppose there are two websites which have PageRank 1 and 8 respectively, the priority of website which has PageRank 8 to appear first in searching is higher than other one.

Online tools to check Website Page Rank

Here is the list of top websites that provide the facility to check PageRank

1) checkpagerank.net

This is one of the my favourite website because I get all Ranking related information like Google PageRank, Domain Authority, Page Authority, Domain Validity, Global Alexa Rank, Alexa Reach Rank.

With website PageRank, I get other information like External Backlinks, Refereeing Domains, GOV and EDU Backlinks, I will strongly suggest to go through this website.

Website URL:

2) smallseotools.com

This is also a good website to check Google PageRank with other small SEO tools like Keyword Position, Grammar checker tool, Website SEO Score Checker etc.

Website URL:

3) Other website links to check PageRank

How to increase PageRank?

I am frankly saying increasing PageRank is totally depends on you and google, you can do whatever you can, and then wait for Google response.

To increase your website's PageRank, you can use the Sitechecker tool. This tool will analyze your website and find all problems affecting it.

Here are the few points you have to keep in your mind, if you are really want a good PageRank.

  • Always do White Hat SEO.
  • Title, Description and Heading Tags must belong with the contents.
  • Build more and more genuine BackLinks (Most important thing).
  • Content is King, you have to keep focus on your content, contents must be meaningful and related to topic.
  • Regular Website updating is very important – Update fresh and good content.
  • Backlinks must be on related websites, if you have a website or blog on travel do not make backlinks on chatting website.

I hope this article can help to check, increase your website PageRank, please don’t forget to leave your valuable feedbacks.

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