What Should I Write My Essay on?

Relevance to the topic. Here, the content of the essay is checked. The main thing is to answer the question posed in the topic, reflect on the problem identified in the introduction.
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Disappointment is given if the essay does not correspond to the topic, there is no answer to the question posed, and there is no clear purpose of the statement.

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Typical Mistakes

  • Misunderstanding of the wording of the topic and, as a result, untenable argumentation.
  • Breaking logic, jumping from topic to topic.
  • The inability to formulate the main idea put forward the thesis.
  • Argumentation and attraction of literary material.

This criterion allows you to assess whether you are able to build reasoning and prove your position. Besides, this is how your literary baggage is checked. For argumentation, use works of art, journalism, memoirs, scientific literature, and even oral folk art, except for small forms. You can take both domestic and foreign writer.

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Requires at least two arguments. They can be from one piece. Do not try to write the essay in a way that pleases the reviewer. Express your opinion and position.

Disappointment is given if:

  • There are no arguments, or they do not support your thesis;
  • The content of the text is significantly distorted in the argument;
  • The argument is not supported by specific examples, there is only a mention of the work.

Typical Mistakes

  • Factual errors - distortion of the content of the work, incorrect historical dates or names of heroes, etc.
  • Composition and logic of reasoning
  • It assesses how well you are able to build your thoughts.

Disappointment is given if: parts of the essay are not related to each other; logical errors were made in the sentences; there is no thesis-proof part; you are proving a non-existent thesis; you jump from thought to thought.

Typical Mistakes

  • Lack of semantic connections between parts of the composition.
  • Lack of connection between the introduction and conclusion. Make sure that the thesis from the beginning of the essay has a conclusion at the end.

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Quality of Written Speech

This criterion measures how well you are able to express your thoughts in writing.

Disappointment is given if: there are speech errors; you do not understand the lexical collocation of words; using words in the wrong sense.

Typical Mistakes

  • Wrong words, for example, in the wrong sense.
  • Abundant use of clericalism, speech stamps.
  • Inappropriate use of emotionally charged words or syntactic constructs. For example, the words "terrible", "wonderful", a lot of questions or exclamation marks, ellipses.
  • Unmotivated use of colloquial or outdated words.
  • Use of parasitic words.
  • Mixing vocabulary from different historical eras.
  • Pleonasms: the use of unnecessary words.
  • Tautology: repetition or double use of words that are close in meaning, same-root words.
  • The unreasonable omission of a word.
  • Wrong word order that leads to the misunderstanding of a sentence.


Disappointment is given if more than 5 errors of any kind - both punctuation and spelling - are made per 100 words.

Here are some tips to follow while writing an essay.


The more you read a variety of books, the more material you will have for reasoning and arguments.

Start with college curriculum literature. Do not be afraid to use "banal" works and arguments. The main thing is not to show off originality but to correctly reason the thought and not make factual mistakes. Therefore, take those works that you are sure of. If in doubt, better not.

Use ready-made lists of works in the directions of the final essay. They have already been prepared by specialists and posted on the Internet.

Don't try to find a universal work that has arguments for all topics. It doesn't exist. Of course, in voluminous works - for example, in "War and Peace" - more problems are raised. But there are also short books with different themes and conflicts.

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Keep a Reader's Diary

It can be paper or electronic. Read the work, and then write in your diary:

  1. Name, patronymic, the surname of the author, years of life;
  2. The names of all the main characters, if there are a lot of them;
  3. A brief description of the characters with quotes;
  4. The theme of the work;
  5. Main thoughts.

Thus, you will better remember the work and get a template for the arguments.

Watch Movies

If you don't have time to read everything, watch the Soviet film adaptations of classic works - they are closest to the original. Supplement the viewing of the film by reading a summary of the plot.

Analyze Other People's Essays

Search online for examples of essays from past years that have received good marks. Disassemble how they are written. Try combining another text from several compositions on the same topic. On the exam itself, you do not need to do this, but this method is suitable for training.

You can use not only good but also bad compositions, let them become an example of how not to do it.

Analyzing other people's essays, mark the successful proposals and ideas, write them out, try to correct the unsuccessful ones.

Make a Plan

Making a plan helps to stick to the main idea and not make logical mistakes. Don't write short, spend an extra 5-10 minutes thinking. The more details in the plan, the easier it is to write an essay.

Good luck!

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