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Why do people like Linux or its distributions so much?

In this article, I am sharing features of Linux and its distributions, tech tips and tricks, reasons why do people like Linux and its distributions so much?
By: Mayank Singh, on 31 JUL 2017

Linux and its distributions
  1. Ubuntu Linux is an Open Source Operating System a distro(distribution) of Linux, A Great benefit as you can save lots of your money if you buy a new Laptop or Computer by avoiding paid Operating Systems like Windows.
  2. Ubuntu gives you the flexibility to work on applications such as OpenOffice which again is an Open Source application and is a much-recommended alternative of Microsoft Word.
  3. Ubuntu requires sufficiently less hardware configuration than windows and it is not a case of worry, if you don’t have a high-end pc.
  4. Since Ubuntu is Open Source Software, there are many passionate developers around the world who keep on contributing to the software and since there are more number of eyes on the Source Code of Ubuntu the bugs are easily fixed unlike windows in which sometimes even the major bugs are fixed after many years.
  5. Ubuntu is highly secure, you don’t have to worry about installing Antivirus Software, as Ubuntu is free from Viruses.
  6. In Windows, we use Defragmentation techniques to improve the state of performance of our Storage Disks, but in Ubuntu it is not on the user, instead Ubuntu defragments the Disks automatically.
  7. Ubuntu is Fast and Stable and obviously very Secure!
  8. In our homes, almost we all have devices like Computers or Laptops which are now growing older and they don’t meet the requirements of applications of today, but if you want to give your computer a second life then Ubuntu is like panacea for your old PC.
  9. Ubuntu is also highly customizable, it can be used to create a working server in minutes, Ubuntu is also highly preferred by developers around the world.
  10. Developers around the world love Linux because it offers them a command line interface which supports Shell Scripting (It is the art of creating and maintaining scripts.) - A script might contain just a very simple list of commands — or even just a single command — or it might contain functions, loops, conditional constructs, and all the other hallmarks of imperative programming. In effect, a Bash shell script is a computer program written in the Bash programming language.

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