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Flask vs Django

Flask vs Django: Here, we are going to learn: what are Flask and Django, what are the differences between Flask and Django?
Submitted by Mahak Jain, on October 05, 2018


FLASK: It is just an API of Python. It has neither any database abstraction layer nor any form validation nor any other components. here already existing third-party libraries help in providing common functions.

DJANGO: It is absolutely free and an open-source web framework. It obeys the (model-view-template) MVT pattern.

Comparison between Flask and Django

Factors Flask Django
Documentation Extensive documentation and a detailed tutorial Documentation is more extensive than flask
Routing route() decorator urls.py file
Templating Uses Jinja2. It is a designer-friendly template engine the Django templating syntax includes: Variables, tags, filters, comments
Project Pinterest, Twilio, Netflix, etc Pinterest, Eventbrite, bitbucket, etc
  • Very flexible
  • Doesn’t sacrifice power
  • Easy to learn as well as use
  • Routing urls is easy
  • Micro core, easily extensible
  • many plugins
  • Admin area out of the box
  • ORM is supported
  • defined MVC organization
  • Highly customizable
  • Simple database management
  • Not async-friendly
  • Support and documentation is limited
  • Lack of forms
  • Limited features
  • Lengthy
  • Template errors failure
  • A process deals with a request at one time.

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