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What are the differences between RAM and ROM?

Computer primary memories: Learn about RAM and ROM, what are the differences between Read Only Memory and Random Access Memory?

Memory is an important part of the computer, in this post we are going to learn about the computer’s primary memory which are RAM and ROM.

Read Only Memory (ROM)

It is a data storage device used in intelligent systems such as computers, Mobiles and Other Electronic Devices. The data once written into it cannot be easily changed.

The Data in ROM can be erased by using Ultra Violet Rays, Electrical Signals and some other specialized Methods.

The Data written in ROM can only be read during device processing. It contains instructions for operating the Device in which it is used. It follows the instructions one by one as the programmer has fixed for getting the Device Output. The Written DATA, information in the ROM is used for complete cycle of the Device Operation.

ROMs are made for specific devices depending upon the Operation, electronic structures and Memory Capacity required for the Device. ROM is Non-Volatile Memory Device as the DATA written in it is never destroyed during the power OFF. Due to its electrical property all the data is safe during power off period.

Random Access Memory (RAM)

It is Short Term Memory Device known as Volatile Memory. To keep the data safe in RAM, power is permanently provided. When the Power is removed from the Device, the data stored in RAM gets erased automatically.

This device (RAM) is a Read and Write Device. This is used in intelligent systems. The data written in RAM can be stored for a long period by using rechargeable or non-rechargeable Ni-Cd/Lithium batteries. Hence DATA can be preserved. If the Ni-Cd/Lithium batteries get damaged or defective, the data stored in RAM will not be retrieved/ available for use. In lot of devices we need to save data temporarily. For this purpose, it is saved in RAM, as it is read and write type device, one can change the data any time by using appropriate commands, operation instructions.

Types of RAM

Static RAM and Dynamic RAM are the main types of RAM.

Types of ROM

Programmable Read Only Memory (PROM), Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory (EPROM) and Electrical Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory (EEPROM) are the main types of ROM.

Basic Difference between RAM and ROM

  • RAM and ROM have basic properties as data storage memory device.
  • Data is lost from RAM when the power is turned off. The data in ROM are retained even after the power is switched off.
  • Data access in RAM is faster than that of ROM. RAM allows the device to READ and WRITE the data randomly.
  • Normal operation output data can be stored in RAM. The ROM stores the instruction for the operation of the Device such as booting instructions.

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