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OpenStack - The future of Next Generation Private Cloud

In this article, we are going to learn about OpenStack (The future of next generation private cloud) and its Services High Level Overview.
Submitted by Aleesha Ali, on June 09, 2018

The OpenStack project is an open source cloud computing platform for all types of clouds, which aims to be simple to implement, massively scalable, and feature rich. Developers and cloud computing technologists from around the world create the OpenStack project.

OpenStack provides an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution through a set of interrelated services. Each service offers an application programming interface (API) that facilitates this integration. Depending on your needs, you can install some or all services.

OpenStack is said to be a cloud ecosystem that controls large pools of storages, computes, and networking resources through a data centre, all managed through a dashboard that gives administrators control while empowering their users to provision resources through a dashboard.

OpenStack began as a joint project between NASA and Rackspace. It was originally intended to be an open source alternative that has compatibility with the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) cloud offering. Today, OpenStack has become a key player in the cloud platform industry. It is in its fifth year of release, and it continues to grow and gain adoption both in its open source community and the enterprise market.

OpenStack Foundation is responsible to manage the project. But open stack community consists of developers, administrators and all the IT giants like IBM, Microsoft, HP, Rackspace, Nebula, EMC, AMD, Intel, and the list goes on.


Image Source -https://www.openstack.org/software/images/diagram/overview-diagram.svg

Table – OpenStack Services High Level Overview

OpenStack services

Table Source: https://docs.openstack.org/liberty/install-guide-ubuntu/overview.html

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