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C++ program for flight booking system

This program is asked by Syed AMir Ali Jaffary through comment on 22/11/2016.


Hey I need your help please, how can we solve this whole program in arrays in dev c++??? (1. ABC airlines have started its operations in November 2015. Currently operating in 5 locations and a single flight per day on a route. Do ask the user to give the origin and destination and date of travel. Display the fare (set the fare for all routes) along with 19% Tax. )


In this program we are creating a flight booking system by store 5 flight routes with fares and total fares including 19% tax.

Array variables which are using in this program are:

  • route - this will store source to destination route
  • fare - this will store fare against defined route
  • totalFare - this will store total fare (fare + 19% tax on fare)

Use define functions which are using in this program:

void setRoute(char *path[], float *fare, float *tfare)

This function will store the flight routes of 5 locations along with fare and total fare including 19% tax.

void displayPath(char *path[],float *fare, float *tfare)

This function will display the stored fligh routes along with fare and total fare including 19% tax while booking the ticket.

Flight booking system program in C++

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

void setRoute(char *path[], float *fare, float *tfare){
	int i=0;
		cout<<"Enter flight route:"<<endl;
		cout<<"Route ["<<i+1<<"] : ";
		path[i]=new char[100];
		cout<<"Enter fare: ";

void displayPath(char *path[],float *fare, float *tfare){
	int i=0;
	cout<<"Available flight routes are:"<<endl;
		cout<<"Route ["<<i+1<<"] : "<<path[i]
		<<" - Fare: "<<fare[i]<<",Total Fare: "<<tfare[i]<<endl;

int main(){
	//variable to store flight route 
	char *route[5];
	float fare[5],totalFare[5];
	char name[30],path[100];
	int d,m,y;
	int routeId;
	cout<<"Enter name: ";
	cout<<"Enter date of travel (d m y): ";
	cout<<"Choose flight route (1 to 5): ";
	if(routeId<1 || routeId>5){
		cout<<"Invalid flight route!!!"<<endl;
		return 0;
	cout<<"Congratulations... "<<name<<" your ticket has been booked."<<endl;
	cout<<"Travel date is: "<<d<<"/"<<m<<"/"<<y<<endl;
	cout<<"Flight route: "<<route[routeId-1]<<endl;
	cout<<"Total fare is: "<<totalFare[routeId-1]<<endl;
	return 0;


Enter flight route: 
Route [1] : DELHI TO GOA
Enter fare: 1000
Enter flight route: 
Route [2] : DELHI TO MUMBAI 
Enter fare: 2000
Enter flight route: 
Route [3] : DELHI TO AGRA 
Enter fare: 1500
Enter flight route: 
Route [4] : GOA TO MUMBAI 
Enter fare: 2500
Enter flight route: 
Route [5] : MUMBAI TO GOA 
Enter fare: 3500

Enter name: PANKAJ SINGH
Enter date of travel (d m y): 22 11 2016
Available flight routes are:
Route [1] : ELHI TO GOA - Fare: 1000,Total Fare: 1190 
Route [2] : DELHI TO MUMBAI - Fare: 2000,Total Fare: 2380 
Route [3] : DELHI TO AGRA - Fare: 1500,Total Fare: 1785 
Route [4] : GOA TO MUMBAI - Fare: 2500,Total Fare: 2975 
Route [5] : MUMBAI TO GOA - Fare: 3500,Total Fare: 4165 
Choose flight route (1 to 5): 3 

Congratulations... PANKAJ SINGH your ticket has been booked.
Travel date is: 22/11/2016
Flight route: DELHI TO AGRA 
Total fare is: 1785 

Try to make this program through class and object and store flight routes into the file by yourself.

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