C++ - How to declare functions within the structure in C++.

IncludeHelp 19 September 2016

In this code snippet/program/example we will learn how to declare and use function within structures in c++ programming language?

In this example we will declare functions within (inside) a structure and then define them outside of the structure.

Function will be accessed in the main() with structure variable.

There will be two function in this program getItem() that will assign values to the structure members (variables) by passing values as arguments and putItem() that will print the values of the structure members (variables).

C++ Code Snippet - Declare and Use of functions within Structure

/*C++ - How to declare functions 
within the structure in C++.*/


using namespace std;

//structure declaration
struct item_desc{
	char *itemName;
	int quantity;
	float price;
	//function to get item details
	void getItem(char *name, int qty, float p);
	//function to print item details
	void putItem();
//function definitions
void item_desc::getItem(char *name, int qty, float p){
void item_desc::putItem(){
	cout<<"Item Name: "	<<itemName<<endl;
	cout<<"Quantity: "	<<quantity<<endl;
	cout<<"Price: "		<<price<<endl;

int main(){
	//declare structure variable
	struct item_desc ITEM;
	//get item details
	ITEM.getItem("Dove Soap",10,50);
	//print item details
	return 0;
    Item Name: Dove Soap
    Quantity: 10
    Price: 50



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