Top CSS frameworks for elegant design

CSS frameworks: Here, we are going to discuss some of the top CSS frameworks for elegant design.
Submitted by Anjali Singh, on February 08, 2020

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Well, who doesn't want their website or web page to look attractive, stylish and be responsive?

We put in a lot of effort into developing our website or web page, so why let all those efforts and hard work go to waste right? There are times when you have created your website or web page up to 80% but still, you are not satisfied with what you are working on. There's always something from the start and that thing is framework!


Frameworks are the most crucial part of any website or web page. You must have the best framework for your website so that users find it attractive. And if users find your website attractive then you know what happens next! Therefore, choose your framework very wisely as that will define your website or web page entirely. So what is this article about? This article is exactly about the topic at the center, framework! There are numerous frameworks that you could choose but to make your work easier, some have been handpicked for you. Go through them and decide which one you would like to put in use.

1) Twitter Bootstrap

The most and widely used front-end framework is the Bootstrap Framework. If you wish to speed up your development process by adding some really elegant designs then this is the aptest framework for you. We know how frustrating it becomes when you have to rotate the screen of your mobile phones, tablets, etc. when you are reading something.

Well, that is exactly where bootstrap steps in, bootstrap helps in creating websites or web pages very responsibly. The content itself adjusts itself according to the screen size of your device.

2) Semantic UI

Semantic UI is popular for its very simple yet elegant designs. This framework not just produces some remarkable designs but also some very fantastic theme effects. This way you can create very beautiful and responsive layouts using HTML. The other best part of this framework is that you have to develop your UI just once and then you will be able to deploy with the same code anywhere.

3) Foundation

A very highly advanced framework is known by the name of Foundation which was created by Zurb. It is very easy to use and customizable framework. It is designed to work with any device with ease of accessibility. The best part about working on Foundation is that it provides great flexibility.


You can customize and design a framework at a much faster rate unlike earlier. The Gumby framework is very flexible and very responsive in CSS. This framework has 12 grid layout systems. Gumby is also available with feature-rich documentation.

Start implementing:

So, these were some of the best frameworks out there and you shouldn't wait to play with them and implement them on your website or web page.

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