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A short Introduction to Object Oriented Programming

In this post, we are going to learn about Object Oriented programming approach, what is OOPS concept in C++ programming language?
Submitted by Brajesh Kumar Shrivash, on March 11, 2018

Object oriented programming - A programming approach which follows concept of object oriented programming like class, object, data abstraction & encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism etc, is known as Object oriented programming. In short, we call it OOP’s (object oriented programming).

C++ is one of the best programming styles to learn about object oriented programming. It is originated by Bjarne Stroustrup in 1980 at AT&T bell laboratories.

In OOP’s, the most striking word is object. So, let’s understand what is it?


An object is a real world entity which has its name and own properties. For example- apple is an object and its properties are name, color, size and taste etc, like:

  • Name - apple
  • Color - red
  • Size - medium in size
  • Taste - sweet

The above mentioned example demonstrates that each and every thing in real world exists in the form of object. It is also clarify that each and every object belongs to a class.

For example: an apple is an object of class fruit.

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