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Declare, assign and print the string in C++ 11 using auto keyword

Now, there is no need to declare character array to store strings, in C++ 11 we can declare a string variables by using 'auto' keyword without specifying any data type. It will automatic detect the data type according to initialized value.

Here, we will learn how we can declare a string variable using 'auto'?

Let's consider the following declaration

auto variable_name = "string";

Let's consider the following example - here we are declaring two variables website_name and location with the initial value "http://www.includehelp.com" and "New Delhi, India".

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int main()
	auto website_name="http://www.includehelp.com";
	auto location="New Delhi, India";
	cout<<"Website Name: "<<website_name<<endl;
	cout<<"Location: "<<location<<endl;
	return 0;	
    Website Name: http://www.includehelp.com
    Location: New Delhi, India

This program will run successfully within the compiler which supports C++ 11 features, I run this program online on TutorialsPoint Coding Ground

(C++ 11 Compiler: https://www.tutorialspoint.com/compile_cpp11_online.php).

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