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C++ programming Overview and History Aptitude Questions and Answers

In this section, there are Multi Choice Questions and Answers related to C++ programming overview and history.

List of C++ History, Overview related Questions and Answers

1) When C++ was developed?
  1. 1970's
  2. 1980's
  3. 1990's
  4. 2000's

2) C++ was developed by?
  1. Dennis Ritchie
  2. Steve Jobs
  3. Steve Smith
  4. Bjarne Strostrup

4) C++ language is the combination of these two languages?
  1. C and Simula67.
  2. C and JAVA.
  3. C and FORTRAN.
  4. C and B.

5) What was the name of C++ before it?
  1. C with Simula67.
  2. C+
  3. Extended C.
  4. C with Classes.

6) Who suggested the name "C++"?
  1. Rrick Mascitti.
  2. Steve Jobs.
  3. Dennis Ritchie.
  4. Ken Thompson.

7) From which programming language Classes and Objects concept derived for C++?
  1. JAVA
  3. Simula67.
  4. Objective C.

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