Data Strategy Tutorial

In the context of corporate objectives, a data strategy is a highly dynamic process that is used to support the acquisition, organization, analysis, and dissemination of data in order to achieve the predefine objectives.

  • A data strategy ensures that your business plan and priorities are in sync with your information technology strategy.
  • It outlines how data will assist the corporation in achieving its business objectives.
  • A data strategy assists organizations in making educated decisions based on our data.
  • It also assists organizations in keeping our data safe and compatible with government regulations.
  • Defined data strategy identifies the changes that must be made inside an organization in order to maximize the value of its data operations, as well as the plans that will be used to implement those changes.

Data Strategy Tutorial Topics

  1. Data Strategy – Introduction & Definition
  2. Data Strategy – It's Importance
  3. Data Strategy – Components
  4. Data Strategy – Objectives
  5. Data Strategy – Key factors

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