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Basic Database Management System (DBMS) Aptitude Questions and Answers

This section contains the aptitude questions and answers on basic concepts of DBMS. You will find aptitude questions on DDL, DCL, DML, DQL, TCL statements and other related topics.

List of Basic Database Management System (DBMS) Aptitude Questions and Answers

1) DML stand for?
  1. Database Manipulation Language
  2. Data Markup Language
  3. Data Manipulation Language
  4. Data Manipulation List

2) DDL stand for?
  1. Data Definition Language
  2. Data Design Language
  3. Database Definition Language
  4. Data Definition List

4) TCL stand for?
  1. Transaction Control Language
  2. Transmission Control Language
  3. Transfer Control Language
  4. None of these

5) DQL stand for?
  1. Database Query Language
  2. Data Query Language
  3. Definition Query Language
  4. None of these

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