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What is AbEnd? What does AbEnd stand for?

Full form of AbEnd: Here, we are going to learn what does AbEnd stands for? AbEnd – which is an abbreviation of "Abnormal End" in Computer Acronyms/Abbreviations, etc.
Submitted by Anushree Goswami, on March 19, 2020

AbEnd: Abnormal End

AbEnd is an abbreviation of the "Abnormal End", which is an abnormal ending of software, or a system break down.

This custom originates from an error message from the IBM OS/360, IBM ZOS operating systems. Generally provided with capital, although may come into sight as "abend".

The highly widespread were:

  • ABEND 0C7 (Data exception)
  • ABEND 0CB (Division by zero)

Abends could be "soft" (enabling involuntary recovery) or "hard" (finishing the undertaking).

Errors or break downs on the Novell NetWare network operating system is generally called ABENDs. Groups of people of NetWare administrators originate or arise up around the Internet, such as abend.org.

The term is jocularly alleged to be originated from the German word "Abend" which implying "evening".

Code Expected cause

I/O Error:

  • Make an effort to read subsequent to AT END
  • Mentioning to an I/O area prior to opening and reading a record
  • Reading an erroneous time taken record

I/O Error:

  • DD declaration doesn't counterpart FD

Something doesn't counterpart among the program and the DD declaration. Test out the system message IEC141I for an additional absolute report of the error


I/O Error:

  • Unenforceable or mislaid data order of information. Test out the file report details.
0C1, 0C2, 0C3
  • Unenforceable or mislaid DD declaration
  • Reading from or writing to an unopened file
  • Abscond or uninitialized subscript or directory
  • Flaking out the end of the program
0C4, 0C5, 0C6

Attending to program verification:

  • Abscond or uninitialized subscript or catalog
  • Mislaid or unenforceable DD declaration
  • Reading from or writing to an unopened file
  • Opening or closing the file two times
  • Flaking out the end of the program
  • Using a divisor or multiplier that is too outsized

Data Exception program verification:

  • Data item not initialized
  • DISPLAY data shifted to a numeric group item
  • Inappropriate definition in the LINKAGE SECTION
  • Unenforceable or improper aligned data in an input file
  • Inappropriate initialization using MOVE ZERO
0C8, 0CA

Arithmetic overflow:

  • The acceptance field of an arithmetic operation is too diminutive
0C9, OCB

Divide Exception:

  • Making an effort to divide by zero
122, 222 The operator called off the occupation with or devoid of a storage dump.
213 The system can't come across the file as the JCL illustrates it. Make sure the system message IEC143I for further information.

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