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What is the full form of ACR?

Full form of ACR: Here, we are going to learn what does ACR stands for? ACR – which is an abbreviation of "Attenuation-to-crosstalk Ratio" in Computer Acronyms/Abbreviations, etc.
Submitted by Anushree Goswami, on March 19, 2020

ACR: Attenuation-to-crosstalk Ratio

ACR is an abbreviation of the "Attenuation-to-crosstalk Ratio".

It is a framework that is calculated when examining a communication connection, which corresponds to the general performance of the cable. ACR is a mathematical formula that calculates the ratio of attenuation to near-end crosstalk for every arrangement of cable pairs.

ACR is a measurement expressed as a figure carried out in decibels (dB), among the signal attenuation generated by a wire or cable transmission medium and the near-end crosstalk (NEXT). In an arrangement of sequence for a signal to be acknowledged with a satisfactory bit error rate, the attenuation and the crosstalk required to be both reduced. Crosstalk can be abridged by making sure that twisted-pair wiring is strongly twisted and is not compressed, and by making sure that connectors among wire and cable media are appropriately rated and installed.

  • Positive ACR calculations signify that transmitted signal strength is powerful and sturdy than that of near-end crosstalk.
  • ACR can be used to describe a signal bandwidth (e.g. 250 MHz for category 6 cable) where the signal to noise ratios are satisfactory and adequate to support some specific applications.
  • The maximum frequency for which positive ACR is guaranteed makes available a standard to assess the functional and serviceable bandwidth of twisted-pair cabling systems.
  • EIA/TIA indicates particular values for ACR in an arrangement of sequence to meet up the variety of classes of cable.


The phenomenon of hearing protector’s facilitation diminishes acoustic flux from flowing into the ears and this is called acoustic attenuation and is measured in decibels (dBs).

In electrical engineering and telecommunications, attenuation has an effect on the propagation of waves and signals in electrical circuits, in optical fibers, and in air.

Electrical attenuators and optical attenuators are generally manufactured constituents in this field.


The phenomenon through which a signal transmitted on one single circuit or channel of a transmission system produces an undesired effect in an additional circuit or channel is called crosstalk in the field of electronics. Crosstalk is generally caused by undesired capacitive, inductive, or conductive coupling from one circuit or channel to another.

Crosstalk is a major subject of matter in structured cabling, audio electronics, integrated circuit design, wireless communication, and other communications systems.

In Cabling

In structured cabling, crosstalk alludes to electromagnetic interference from one unshielded twisted pair to another twisted pair, generally running in parallel. Other crosstalks comprise:

  • Near end crosstalk (NEXT)
  • Power sum near end crosstalk (PSNEXT)
  • Far end crosstalk (FEXT)
  • Equal level far end crosstalk (ELFEXT)
  • Alien crosstalk (AXT)

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