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What is the full form of ACS?

Full form of ACS: Here, we are going to learn about the ACS, full form of ACS, overview, objective, features, other initiative, etc.
Submitted by Anushree Goswami, on December 18, 2019

ACS: American Chemical Society

ACS is an abbreviation of the American Chemical Society. It is the world's major scientific society and the most prominent source of well-founded authentic scientific information. It is at the front position of the developing international chemistry venture and a specialized dwelling for chemists and associated professionals across the globe. Its president is Allison A. Campbell and the society is established in the United States.

ACS full form

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ACS is an active, advance and visionary organization whose objective is to move forward the comprehensive chemistry society and its members for the advantage of people and Earth and to enhance people’s lives through the changing and evolving influence of chemistry.


  • It prepares and issues scientific journals and databases.
  • It assembles most significant research conferences.
  • It makes available educational and career courses in chemistry.
  • It offers permissions for research in petroleum and associated fields.
  • It educates the makers of public policy and the common public about the significance of chemistry.
  • It sponsors a large number of worldwide events such as joint conferences with chemical societies.

ACS has 185 local segments in the United States, which enable its members,

  • To unite with chemists and interrelated professionals in their geographic region.
  • To improve their professional growth by taking part in programs in their city or town.
  • To develop the public perceptive of chemistry in their segments.

ACS represents internationally more than 140 countries and their global memberships go over 24,000. Approximately 60 % of articles published in ACS journals and just about 50% of the material covered in the Societies Chemical Abstracts Service has a specified beginning outside the United States.

Other Initiatives

  • Project SEED: It is a mathematics education program of ACS which provides excellent and brilliant but cost-effectively underprivileged high school students an opportunity to develop their education and career point of view.
  • ACS Scholars Program: This program is organized by ACS to offer scholarships and support to the minority students who want to receive a degree in chemistry or associated fields.
  • Advancing Chemistry Teaching: It is a program that is created for the specialized development and enhancement of science teachers. It aids the teacher in giving lectures of chemistry in the classroom in an enhanced way.
  • Green Chemistry Education and Outreach: It is an initiative of ACS to execute the green chemistry and engineering values and ideologies into every aspect of the chemical society venture.


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