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What is Activity Monitor?

Activity Monitor: Here, we are going to learn the activity monitor – which is used to monitor the activities of the computer.
Submitted by Anushree Goswami, on April 26, 2020

Activity Monitor

Apple OS X provides the services of which one of them is Activity Monitor. Activity Monitor is used to monitor the activities of computer like active processes, processor load, applications that are running, and the amount of memory that is being used.

One can compare the Activity Monitor with Windows Task Manager. In real-time itself, many resources get displayed in use on our system like processes, the activity of disk, use of memory, and to provide all the information in the form of a dashboard. Activity Monitor is used to show all the processes running on your Mac or PC, such that it gets easy to manage all such processes and also shows that how the processes affect the performance and activity of Mac.

activity monitor

If in your Mac, some programs aren't working properly, it can easily be identified using Activity Monitor if they are contained under the Utilities > Application Folder.

Using the activity monitor, one can stop or kill many running applications if they aren’t in use at present or are disturbing the work environment. It helps in clearing the memory space taken by some processes that aren't in use and thus frees the system memory or resources.

If you want to know about the processes in a particular order such as using process name, time usage by CPU, percentage of the activity cycles of CPU, or using the filter, they can easily be sorted based on these pre-determined factors using Activity Monitor.
To make it clearer, you can’t delete any process on Activity Monitor, only Force Quit is possible for any of the process. If after Force Quitting the processes, they still are needed by the Operating System or any of the other running apps, then the launch will automatically launch them after a certain interval of time.

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