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What is Apple Desktop Bus? What does ADB stand for?

Full form of ADB: Here, we are going to learn what does ADB stands for? ADB – which is an abbreviation of "Apple Desktop Bus" in Computer Acronyms/Abbreviations, etc.
Submitted by Anushree Goswami, on March 19, 2020

ADB: Apple Desktop Bus

ADB is an abbreviation of "Apple Desktop Bus".

It is a low-speed proprietary bit-serial peripheral bus connecting devices to computers. In 1986, it was launched on the Apple IIGS in a manner to hold up and maintain inexpensive devices like keyboards and mice, enabling them to be associated mutually in a daisy chain devoid of the requirement for hubs or other devices. Apple Device Bus was rapidly launched on afterward Macintosh models, in a while models of NeXT computers, and noticed a number of additional third-party use at the same time as well.

In a lot of PC-compatibles, similar to the related PS/2 connector used at the time, Apple Desktop Bus was quickly substituted by USB as that system turned out to be well-accepted in the late 1990s; on an Apple product, the last external Apple Desktop Bus port was in 1999, however it stayed behind as an internal-only bus on a number of Mac models into the 2000s.


  • Near the beginning, for the duration of the formation of the Macintosh computer, the engineering team had preferred the reasonably complicated Zilog 8530 to make available serial communications. This was at the beginning done to enable multiple devices to be plugged into a single port, using simple networking protocols put into operation within the 8530 to enable them to send and take delivery of data with the host computer.
  • In the duration of the expansion and growth of this AppleBus system, computer networking turned out to be an essentially significant attribute of any computer system.
  • In the mid-1980s, Apple Desktop Bus was designed and developed by Steve Wozniak, who had been searching for an assignment to put an effort and work on. A suggestion came from some person that he must build a new connection system for devices like mice and keyboards, a system that would need only a distinct daisy-chained cable, and be low-cost to put into operation.
  • The foremost system to make use of Apple Desktop Bus is the Apple IIGS of 1986.
  • It is used on all Apple Macintosh machines beginning with the Macintosh II and Macintosh SE.
  • Apple Desktop Bus is also used on soon after models of NeXT computers. The enormous mainstream of Apple Desktop Bus devices is for input, comprising trackballs, joysticks, graphics tablets, and related devices.
  • In 1999, the last Apple computer which comprises an Apple Desktop Bus port is the Power Macintosh G3 (Blue and White).

Reference: Apple Desktop Bus

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