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What is the full form of AGP?

Full form of AGP: Here, we are going to learn what does AGP stands for? AGP – which is an abbreviation of "Accelerated Graphics Port" in Computer Acronyms/Abbreviations, etc.
Submitted by Anushree Goswami, on March 23, 2020

AGP: Accelerated Graphics Port

AGP is an abbreviation of the "Accelerated Graphics Port".

It was created and developed as a high-speed point-to-point channel for putting together a video card to a system of the computer, first and foremost to help out and support the acceleration of 3D computer graphics. It was at the beginning created and developed as a descendant to PCI-type connections for video cards. As of 2004, AGP has been gradually carried out in regular stages in support of PCI Express; by mid-2008, PCI Express cards have taken over the market and simply a small number of AGP models were obtainable and accessible, with GPU manufacturers and add-in board partners in due course reducing support for the interface in support of PCI Express.

AGP History

  • The AGP slot first came out and emerged on x86-compatible system boards based on Socket 7 Intel P5 Pentium and Slot 1 P6 Pentium II processors.
  • On August 26, 1997, Intel launched AGP support with the i440LX Slot 1 chipset, and an overflow of products followed from the entire most significant system board sellers.

AGP Versions

  • In 1997, Intel launched "AGP specification 1.0".
  • It mentioned 3.3 V signals and 1× and 2× speeds.
  • Specification 2.0 documented 1.5 V signaling, which could be used at 1×, 2× and the further 4× speed and 3.0 supplemented 0.8 V signaling, which could be controlled and managed at 4× and 8× speeds.

Existing versions are listed below in the given following table.

SpecificationVoltageClockSpeedTransfers/clockRate (MB/s)
PCI3.3/5 V33 MHz1133
PCI 2.13.3/5 V33/66 MHz1133/266
AGP 1.03.3 V66 MHz1266
AGP 1.03.3 V66 MHz2533
AGP 2.01.5 V66 MHz41066
AGP 3.00.8 V66 MHz82133
AGP 3.5*0.8 V66 MHz82133

Official Extensions


  • An official extension for cards that needed more electrical power, with an extended slot with supplemented pins for that purpose.
  • AGP Pro cards were generally workstation-class cards used to accelerate professional computer-aided design applications made use of in the fields of architecture, machining, engineering, simulations, and related fields.

64-bit AGP

  • A 64-bit channel was formerly projected as an elective standard for AGP 3.0 in draft documents, other than it was dropped in the last version of the standard.
  • The standard enables 64-bit transfer for AGP8× reads, writes, and fast writes; 32-bit transfer for PCI operations.

Reference: Accelerated_Graphics_Port



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