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What is AirDrop?

AirDrop: Here, we are going to learn about the AirDrop – which is an application for macOS and iOS to share the documents.
Submitted by Anushree Goswami, on April 13, 2020


If you want to share files wirelessly, AirDrop is the best service for the macOS and iOS Operating System in Apple and it shares files with the minimum concern. Normally, we can do it through text messages, but for Apple users, AirDrop could result in an easier feature.


Well, this may make you more curious to know that AirDrop is not only for the photo-sharing purpose but mostly anything and everything can be shared with the same. Let us take an example of the same.

You are on your iPad and you want to share a very important link to your friend. You can simply AirDrop the link from the iPad to the iPhone of your friend and they can check it.
Similarly, photos, links, audios, and videos, text messages, everything can easily be shared using AirDrop. You also can share the playlists, the locations pinned in the iPhone Map and also the contact information of any person.

You don’t need an e-mail or removable disk to transfer when AirDrop is on your phone. It is already contained in every macOS and iOS Operating System. It can be operated using either WiFi or using Bluetooth. On the macOS devices, it operates over direct WiFi, whereas in iOS, it can be operated on both.

To create an end-to-end WiFi network in macOS and iOS operating systems, AirDrop uses Bluetooth. In Android devices, it uses the combination of Bluetooth and NFC (Near Field Communications) to share the files.

It may astonish you a bit, but there is no limit in the size to transfer the data through AirDrop but the only constrain is that the two devices are needed to be within the 10 meters from each other.

Only the versions at the time of and after the 10.7 of macOS (macOS Lion) support the AirDrop feature. The iOS devices that support the AirDrop feature are the iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPads (4th generation), iPhone 5 and all the other afterward.

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