What are AirPods?

Here, we are going to learn about the AirPods – which is a latest version of Apple Earbuds.
Submitted by Anushree Goswami, on July 15, 2020


AirPods was released by Apple in the year 2016 in December. Previously, Apple Earbuds were being used by the masses that use the iPhone. AirPods became the latest version of Apple Earbuds which uses the wireless technique. These AirPods come in a box with the iPhone itself. The AirPods emerged as a new technique, as it has no wires between.

What's attractive about the AirPods is that it comes with a carrying case, and adding more into it, these carrying cases have a battery to charge the AirPods.

These carrying cases can hold up to the 24 hours of battery life and the AirPods can remain charged for 5 hours only without these cases.


Perhaps, other than this functionality, it also helps the user to run other media devices as well. If a user wants to add more volume into their device, through AirPlay, they can easily do it. It has many other advantages as well.

Although the other media such as photos, videos, and other applications can be easily shared between the devices, AirPlay is mostly used for audio and music purposes only.
One can easily run their application into another device using AirPlay. In order to do that, they need to open the video in iTunes and then click on the AirPlay button. In that, all the other devices will be showing. Click on any device you want to see your application. It may ask for a code. After entering code, your application will get started in your preferred device. Enjoy!

AirPods have many advantages:

  • They are easy to hold on their ears and don't fall out.
  • It will feel loose on the ears and will not feel heavy.
  • One can easily put it on their ear all day while doing their daily work.
  • These AirPods cancels the noise and thus sound comes clear.

Although it was very comfortable, lacks some features. In 2019, Apple releases the second generation of AirPods, which has few added features in it, such as an additional range of Bluetooth, Qi-based charging wirelessly.

Mostly AirPods are used with macOS and iOS devices but one can connect to any Bluetooth device around.

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