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What is the full form of ALGOL?

Full form of ALGOL: Here, we are going to learn what does ALGOL stands for? ALGOL – which is an abbreviation of "Algorithmic Language" in Computer Acronyms/Abbreviations, etc.
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ALGOL: Algorithmic Language

ALGOL is an abbreviation of "Algorithmic Language".

It is a family of very significant computer programming languages, initially designed and created in the mid-1950s, which significantly influenced a lot of additional languages and was the standard technique for algorithm report used by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) in textbooks and academic sources for more than thirty years.

ALGOL was possibly the most prominent of the four high-level programming languages amongst which it was almost modern and up to date: FORTRAN, Lisp, and COBOL. It was created to stay away from a number of the identified troubles with FORTRAN and in due course gave rise to numerous other programming languages, comprising PL/I, Simula, BCPL, B, Pascal, and C.

  • ALGOL launched code blocks.
  • It was also the first language executing nested function definitions with lexical scope.
  • Besides, it was the first programming language that gave specified consideration to formal language definition and in the course of the ALGOL 60 details launched Backus–Naur Form, a principal formal grammar notation for language design.

There were three most significant designs, named subsequent to the years they were originally published:

  • ALGOL 58: At the beginning put forward to be called IAL, for International Algebraic Language.
  • ALGOL 60: first put into operation as X1 ALGOL 60 in mid-1960. Revised in 1963.
  • ALGOL 68: released new constituents comprising flexible arrays, slices, parallelism, and operator identification. Revised in 1973.

ALGOL 68 is significantly different from ALGOL 60 and was not well acknowledged so that in broad-spectrum "ALGOL" signifies ALGOL 60 and dialects thereof.

ALGOL History

  • In 1958, ALGOL was designed and created in cooperation by a committee of European and American computer scientists in a meeting at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich.
  • It denoted three different syntaxes:
    1. A reference syntax
    2. A publication syntax
    3. An implementation syntax
  • The different syntaxes allowed it to use different keyword names and principle rules for decimal points for different languages.
  • ALGOL was used typically by research computer scientists in the United States and Europe.
  • Its use in commercial applications was impeded by the lack of standard input/output services and amenities in its report and the lack of interest in the language by huge computer sellers other than Burroughs Corporation.
  • ALGOL 60 did, on the other hand, turn out to be the standard for the publication of algorithms and had an insightful effect on future language development.

Reference: ALGOL

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