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What is the full form of ANI?

Full form of ANI: Here, we are going to learn what does ANI stands for? ANI – which is an abbreviation of "Automatic Number Identification" in Computer Acronyms/Abbreviations, etc.
Submitted by Anushree Goswami, on March 26, 2020

ANI: Automatic Number Identification

ANI is an abbreviation of "Automatic number identification".

It is an attribute of a network of telecommunications for involuntarily finding out the beginning of telephone number on toll calls for billing purposes. Automatic number identification was at the beginning designed and developed by AT&T Corporation for in-house extensive distance charging purposes, removing the requirement for telephone operators to physically ask for the number of the calling party for a toll call.

Contemporary ANI has two sections:

  • Information digits, which recognizes the class of service
  • The calling party billing telephone number.

ANI is not associated with newer caller ID services such as call display.

Automatic number identification is also used to illustrate the functions of two-way radio careful and choosy calling that recognizes and spots the transmitting user.


  • ANI is poles apart, theoretically and technically, from caller ID service.
  • A caller's telephone number and line category are captured by ANI service even if caller ID blocking is activated. The destination telephone company switching office can communicate the instigating telephone number to ANI delivery service subscribers. Toll-free subscribers and huge corporations generally have the right to use to ANI, either right away through installed tools and gears, or from a monthly billing statement.
  • Residential subscribers can get hold of the right to use to ANI information through third-party corporations that charge for the service.
  • ANI is commonly not sent out when a call is an operator supported; only the area code of the last switch to route the call is sent.
  • Putting a call in the course of an outbound-only VoIP service or many calling cards will cause a non-working number to be sent as the ANI. ANI is also not supported appropriately for calls instigated from four-party lines.


  • An associated service attribute accessible to private branch exchange subscribers is the Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS), a code representing the number requested by the caller.
  • With the given service code information, a service provider can have quite a lot of toll-free numbers heading towards a similar call center and make available exclusive service based on the number dialed.
  • DNIS can also be used to recognize and spot other call routing information. For example, toll-free service can be built up to send a particular DNIS number that is allocated to callers from geographic regions based on city, area code, state, or country.

Reference: Automatic_number_identification

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