What is Apple Macintosh?

Here, we are going to learn about the Apple Macintosh – family of personal computers designed, manufactured, and sold by Apple Inc.
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Apple Macintosh

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak has founded the line of computers in the year 1984, on the date 24th January, named it Apple Macintosh. Macintosh is shortly abbreviated as Mac. In this, various versions of computers were launched. The first computer launched was Mac128k. Mac128k was not a much-advanced computer but it was cheaper than the Apple Lisa. The main features of Mac 128k were:

  • It has a user-friendly Graphical User Interface.
  • It has windows, icons, and a mouse.
Apple Macintosh

Image source: https://www.pocket-lint.com/laptops/news/apple/151422-apple-mac-computers-gallery-historic

Mac128k was advanced as compared to the IBM Computers which uses MS-DOS at that time. Apple has done high marketing of the computer version during its first launch in the year 1984 during the Super Bowl using the famous commercial.

After Mac128k, many other computers were also launched after that. In line to it, are the latest models, which come under the iMac and Macbook for the desktop and laptop computers respectively.

At the end of the year 2006, Apple shifts its name to "Mac" itself for all its computers as per the strategy to make the brand big.

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