What is Application System/400 (AS/400)?

Application System/400 (AS/400): Here, we are going to learn about the Application System/400, history, etc.
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AS/400: Application System/400

AS/400 is an abbreviation of "Application System/400". In June 1988, the policy of IBM first launched the AS/400, with the operating system being called OS/400. In 2000, it was renamed to the eServer iSeries, in which occasionally the 400 supplemented. In 2006, it was for a second time renamed to System I, and the operating system was renamed to IBM I, as the division of IBM's re-branding initiative.

  • The IBM System i is a series of midrange computer systems from IBM that make use of the IBM i operating system. In April 2008, it was substituted by a current standards-based (PCI, Fiber Channel, RAID, etc) rack-friendly server line, IBM Power Systems.
  • In April 2008, IBM declared its incorporation with the System p platform.
  • The unified product series is called IBM Power Systems and attributes support for the AIX and GNU/Linux operating system at the same time for IBM i.
  • At the present, the entire Power Systems are fabricated in Guadalajara, Mexico, at the same time as the majority of the engineering has continued to exist in the U.S. where the merged procedure consisted of the System p and POWER CPU teams.

AS/400 History

  • In October 1978, IBM declared the IBM System i, then known as the AS/400, was the extension of the System/38 database machine architecture, and it was distributed in August 1979.
  • The primary AS/400 systems, which are known by the expansion and enhancement code names Silverlake, named subsequent to Silver Lake in downtown Rochester, Minnesota, where expansion and enhancement of the system occurred, and Olympic, were distributed in 1988 under the tag line "Best of Both Worlds" and the product series of the line has been revived incessantly since then.
  • The AS/400 was one of the primary general-purpose computer systems to achieve a C2 security rating from the NSA and in 1995 was expanded to make use of a 64-bit processor and operating system.
  • In 2000, IBM renamed the AS/400 to iSeries, as the division of its e-Server branding initiative.
  • In 2001, it changed to the POWER4 processor from the PowerAS processors used by preceding generations.
  • In 2004, the product series of the line was additionally lengthened with the launch of the i5 servers, the foremost to make use of the IBM POWER5 processor. The architecture of the system enables for upcoming execution of 128-bit processors when they turn out to be presented.

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