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What is the full form of ASR?

Full form of ASR: Here, we are going to learn about the ASR, full form of ASR, overview, types, history, and, advantages.
Submitted by Anushree Goswami, on November 24, 2019

ASR: Automated Speech Recognition

ASR stands for Automated Speech Recognition. With the help of this technology, spoken words can be easily converted to written text. What actually it does? It gives access to the computers to recognize the words spoken and process it out in a microphone or an input device which is connected to the computer.

ASR full form

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Types of ASR

To convert the spoken language into readable text, ASR can be taken into use. It is designed to perform such task. ASR is an independent software used for transcription.

ASR is mainly of two types as given below,

  1. Natural Language Conversation:
    In ASR, Natural Language Conversation is a more advanced version as well as a sophisticated one. When a user speaks something or gives someone written content to the computer, it reverts to the user depending on how it understood the provided content. With the help of Natural Language Conversation, one can easily interact with the computer with their common or natural language.
  2. Direct Dialogue Conversations:
    In ASR, Direct Dialogue Conversations is the basic version. The machine acts as an interface between the user and the computer in this version. The machine contains some information of which word you need to speak to the computer to get the computer understands your words. It tells you to choose the word according to your suitability and speak to the computer with that word. Similarly, the machine answers whatever you have asked for to the computer. This technology is used in Automated Telephone Banking. With the help of this technology, they give the customers suitability to interact over the telephone for the wide-ranging financial transactions.

How does ASR works?

Here are the stepwise details of how ASR works,

  1. With the help of microphones, the user inputs the word into the software.
  2. A wave file is created according to the input word with the help of the input device. Noises are removed from the background as well as the normalization of the volume of wave file is done.
  3. These wave file after cleaning are broken into the phonemes. Phonemes are the smallest units of the sound. In the English language, there is a total of 44 phonemes.
  4. Beginning from the first, these phonemes are analyzed by the ASR software one by one. In order to make the complete sentence, it first analyzes whole words with the help of statistical probability analysis.
  5. In the end, ASR responds most efficiently with the proper understanding of the words.

Advantages of ASR

  • It is faster than other technology
  • More accurate
  • Focused and flexible
  • Spell check doesn't require

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