What is Above the fold (ATF)?

Above the fold (ATF): Here, we are going to learn about the Above the fold, significance of search engine optimization, etc.
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ATF: Above the fold

ATF is an abbreviation of "Above the fold". It is a term used to illustrate the area of a web page or the upper half of the front page of a newspaper or tabloid where a significant news story or photograph is over and over again to be found, which is able to be seen and noticeable to the user at the earliest glance, devoid of having to scroll.

The term "fold" started off from the printing industry and is a specifically folded edge of the paper, also called fold line, used in devising the arrangement for printing. If this term applies to papers, they are frequently put on view to customers folded so that merely the top half of the front page is visible. Therefore, an article or entry that is "above the fold" may be one that the editors are aware of will allure or tempt individuals to buy the paper. On the other hand, it is a sign of a decision, on the part of the editors, that the article or entry is one of the day's most significant. By means of expansion, the space above the fold is also better by advertisers, promoters, in view of the fact that it is the most well-known and able to be seen space of newspaper, even when the newspaper is found on stands. If a customer or user applies this term to web design and online marketing, the fold line would be the bottom able to be seen edge or noticeable edge of the browser devoid of scrolling.

The term can be used more commonly to allude to whatever thing that is significantly put on a show or of utmost precedence.

Significance of Search Engine Optimization

  • An outline or design that suitably and adequately takes into the record the 'above the fold' segment is not merely user-friendly, other than can also be appraised and evaluated optimistically by Google. Google's motive for this is that a lot of countless banner ads, which are to be found 'above the fold,' can pessimistically or unconstructively have an effect on the user-friendliness of a website. Google supposes that users search or explore only for data or information and not advertisements.
  • The search engine would like to put off that the quantity of banner ads 'above the fold' does not go beyond a specific limit.
  • Google mentions three banners and as a consequence put into operation a modification in its algorithm to make sure that the significant content of a page can be perceived or notice by users of the Internet 'above the fold.'

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