What is Attachment Unit Interface (AUI)?

Attachment Unit Interface (AUI): Here, we are going to learn about the Attachment Unit Interface, Attachment Unit Interface (AUI) pinout, etc.
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AUI: Attachment Unit Interface

The AUI is an abbreviation of "Attachment Unit Interface". It is a 15-pin physical and logical interface between a computer's network interface card (NIC) or is known as the Medium Attachment Unit (MAU) and an Ethernet cable, described in the original IEEE 802.3 standard for 10BASE5 Ethernet.

  • The physical interface comprises a 15-pin connection that makes available a path between an Ethernet node's Physical Signaling and the Medium Attachment Unit (MAU), occasionally also known as a transceiver.
  • MAU makes available the physical paths for communication among local network data link entities and describes a physical interface that can be put into operation autonomously amongst a variety of manufacturers of hardware and accomplish the projected level of compatibility when interconnected in a widespread general local network.
  • An AUI cable may be up to 50 meters (160 feet) long, even though commonly the cable is misplaced in general and the MAU and MAC are straight linked or connected to one another.
  • In the majority of up to date switched or hubbed Ethernet over twisted pair systems, neither the MAU nor the AUI interfaces be present and the category 5 (CAT5) cable attaches straight into an Ethernet socket on the host or router.

Attachment Unit Interface (AUI) pinout

  • An AUI connector is a DA-15 (D-subminiature).
  • AUI connector has a sliding clip in the position of the thumbscrews generally found on a D-connector to hold two connectors collectively.
  • This sliding clip of the AUI connector allows the MAU and MAC to be straightforwardly connected to one another even when their size and shape would rule out the use of thumbscrews.
  • The MAC, which is a medium access controller sub-layer, is the layer that manages the hardware accountable for interface with the wired, optical, or wireless transmission medium.
Pin Signal Description
3DO-AData Out Circuit A
10DO-BData Out Circuit B
11DO-SData Out Circuit Shield (not used)
5DI-AData In Circuit A
12DI-BData In Circuit B
4DI-SData In Circuit Shield
7CO-AControl Out Circuit A (not used)
15CO-BControl Out Circuit B (not used)
8CO-SControl Out Circuit Shield (not used)
2CI-AControl In Circuit A
9CI-BControl In Circuit B
1CI-SControl In Circuit Shield
6VCVoltage Common (0 V)
13VPVoltage Plus (+12 V)
14VSVoltage Shield (not used)
ShellPGProtective Ground

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