What is Audio Video Interleave (AVI)?

Audio Video Interleave (AVI): Here, we are going to learn about the Audio Video Interleave, advantages and disadvantages of AVI files, AVI features, etc.
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AVI: Audio Video Interleave

AVI is an abbreviation of "Audio Video Interleave", known by its originals AVI. The .avi filename extension is an extension of AVI files format, which is a multimedia container format. AVI files can hold in cooperation audio and video data in a file container that enables occurring at the same time audio-with-video playback. AVI files maintain a variety of streaming audio and video as same as the DVD video format, even if these attributes are hardly ever used.

In November 1992, .avi file extension was launched by Microsoft as an element of its Video for Windows software.

A range of AVI files make use of the file format extensions designed and created by the Matrox OpenDML group in February 1996. These files are maintained by Microsoft, and are off the record called "AVI 2.0".

In 2010, the US government's National Archives and Records Administration described AVI as the official wrapper for conserving and protecting digital video.

Advantages of AVI Files

  • To stock up DVD's and Disk's, a user can effortlessly without any trouble create them into AVI file format.
  • The AVI file format has an incredibly fine quality of audio reliability.
    Advertisements, promotions, and short movies generally way out to AVI file formats because of their advanced compression facility.
  • It does not have the need of a particular hardware device or software application for the file to function or work.
  • As the accessibility of a variety of codec's, it is extremely simple and trouble-free to achieve the essential compression ratio of AVI format.

Disadvantages of AVI Files

  • Compressing AVI files further than a specific extent can put the outcome in terrible quality or loss of quality of the video.
  • If a user would like to take back and play the file, the user will have to make use of the similar codec the user used and after that, the user will require a similar codec to be established on the system.
  • AVI files can be extremely huge file formats if the user does not compress them.


The video data format has the subsequent prominent and noteworthy features:

  • Non-hardware video playback capabilities
  • Synchronization control and real-time playback
    VFW player can professionally and competently play AVI files which stored on the hard disk and CD-ROM
  • Make available open AVI digital video file structure
  • AVI file can be edited

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