What is Broadband (BB)?

Broadband (BB): Here, we are going to learn about the Broadband, its history, features, etc.
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BB: Broadband

BB is an abbreviation of "Broadband". It is a wide bandwidth data transmission which carries and transmits a variety of signals and form of the interchange. It is used to signify any high-speed Internet access that is all the time on and faster than dial-up access over customary analog or ISDN PSTN services in the framework of Internet access.

The medium, which is used to transmit signal can be coaxial cable, optical fiber, radio, or twisted pair.

Broadband Internet service accurately is the highly used form of Internet access for the reason of its high access speeds; it is made available and accessible in four different forms, which are:

  1. DSL (or Digital Subscriber Line)
  2. Fiber-optic
  3. Cable
  4. Satellite

a) DSL

  • The DSL or Digital Subscriber Line is an internet service that makes its connection by making the most of the unused telephone wires that are the basis of no disturbance or break to an individual’s telephone service.
  • The speed of an individual experience with a DSL connection differs with the individual's distance from the switching station. An individual’s speed will be slower if that individual is further away and faster if that individual is closer to the switching station and this may be a determining aspect when an individual tries to decide between a DSL line and a cable connection.

b) Cable

  • The broadband cable connection is made available by the local cable TV provider. At a particular point in time, the cable Internet connection speed differs with the number of users on the service.
  • Provided a particular geographical region, users of the broadband cable service share the connection bandwidth which slows the speed the higher the number of users on the system.

c) Fiber-Optic

  • The most up-to-date broadband service is fiber-optic, which is the fastest Internet connection up to the present.
  • On the other hand, this category of Internet service is still in its formative years as its service regions are reasonably restricted in space and for the reason that the placing down of the fiber-optic cable takes a while to complete.

d) Satellite

  • The most recent and slowest broadband service is made available by satellite.
  • Even if this is a fine substitute for dial-up for those individual's living in remote rural regions, the installation costs are reasonably soaring, other than the current monthly charges are competitive to both cable and DSL.

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