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What is the full form of BGA?

Full form of BGA: Here, we are going to learn what does BGA stands for? BGA – which is an abbreviation of "Ball Grid Array" in Computer Acronyms/Abbreviations, etc.
Submitted by Anushree Goswami, on April 26, 2020

BGA: Ball Grid Array

BGA is an abbreviation of "Ball Grid Array".

It is used to invariably install or fix devices for integrated circuits on the printed circuit board. It comes in the category of Surface-mount technology, which is a technique to mount any electrical component on the printed circuit board, directly. Its lineage is connected to pin grid array. Pin grid array is a package, which is used by placing on a printed circuit board and it carries out electrical signals between an integrated circuit and printed circuit board. In PGA, pins are used in a grid pattern for carrying out electrical signals whereas, in BGA, pads are used with tiny solder ball adhered to it at the beginning of every BGA.


  • In the case of integrated circuits, BGA provides high interconnection density and also takes slighter space on the Printed Circuit Board, a contrast to PGA.
  • BGA carries out enhanced electrical signals because of low lead inductances and a short gap between the package and the PCB.
  • BGA provides conduction of lower thermal resistance between the package and the PCB, which enables produced heat to flow more simply and openly and avoids the connectivity of circuits from overheating.


  • Thermal expansion issues occur due to the non-mechanical compliancy of BGAs.
  • To come across defects in soldering is very complex when the package of BGA is placed on the printed circuit board.
  • Manual-soldering is complex and untrustworthy for soldering BGA packages, so, exclusive and costly equipment is needed for unfailing and trustworthy solder BGA packages.


A number of versions of Ball Grid Array comprise:

  • CABGA: Chip Array Ball Grid Array
  • CTBGA: Thin Chip Array Ball Grid Array
  • CVBGA: Very Thin Chip Array Ball Grid Array
  • DSBGA: Die-Size Ball Grid Array
  • FCmBGA: Flip Chip Molded Ball Grid Array
  • LBGA: Low-profile Ball Grid Array
  • LFBGA: Low-profile Fine-pitch Ball Grid Array
  • MBGA: Micro Ball Grid Array
  • MCM-PBGA: Multi-Chip Module Plastic Ball Grid Array
  • PBGA: Plastic Ball Grid Array
  • SuperBGA (SBGA): Super Ball Grid Array
  • TABGA: Tape Array BGA
  • TBGA: Thin BGA


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