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What is Bisync?

What is Bisync: Here, we are going to learn about the Bisync – which is an abbreviation of "Binary Synchronous Communications".
Submitted by Anushree Goswami, on April 27, 2020

Bisync: Binary Synchronous Communications

Bisync is an abbreviation of "Binary Synchronous Communications".

It is a character-oriented based link protocol, which is used fundamentally for synchronization of communications among mainframe systems (which supports a variety of workstations) and network-based distant entry-level workstations. In 1967, after the launch of System/360, Bisync is proclaimed and made known by IBM. The character-based orientation of Bisync signifies that the significant constituents of transmission are the collection of bits as opposed to an adjoining sequence of bits.

Essentially, this link protocol is half-duplex, in which a message is sent to the receiver, an acknowledgment is sent back and then the succeeding message is sent, etc. As an effect, typically the use of half-duplex communication lines and modems is done by Bisync communications. In the course of lengthy delay times, the action or process of transmitting data and responding system of method of Bisync does not function above connections.

Halting Bisync

If a situation arises globally, that all the interconnected machinery devices, gears, and tools which use Bisync were come to a condition to put on halt at once, the consequences of this decision would cause sudden damage and large-scale alteration.

The possibilities of these consequences would be:

  • A lot of the source of sale methods and arrangements in retail stores would stop working.
  • Numerous banks would close down to utility.
  • Several credit and debit cards would turn out to be ineffective.
  • Many air traffic control systems would fall.
  • Electronic Data Interchange networks that administer and control a large amount of business-to-business commerce would break down and collapse.


A number of devices which make use of Bisync protocol comprise:

  • IBM 3270 Display Terminal Subsystem control units.
  • IBM 2780 Data Transmission Terminal.
  • IBM 3780 Data Transmission Terminal.
  • IBM 2703 Transmission Control.
  • IBM HASP workstations.
  • IBM 1130 Computing System.
  • IBM 2922 Programmable Terminal.

Reference: Binary_Synchronous_Communications

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