What is the full form of BO?

Full form of BO: Here, we are going to learn what does BO stands for? BO – which is an abbreviation of "Back Orifice" in Computer Acronyms/Abbreviations, etc.
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BO: Back Orifice

BO is an abbreviation of "Back Orifice".

It is a computer system based developed program for the process of administration of controlling a computer from a remote site. It is developed to uncover the insufficiency in the security of Microsoft's Windows operating systems. The name of this program has come from literary method play on words on computer software package Microsoft BackOffice Server. The program enables users that they can access and control multiple computers by using imaging.


  • In the year 1998, the Back Orifice program launched at DEF CON.
  • The program was designed and developed by Sir Dystic, a part of the hacker group known as the Cult of the Dead Cow. This group has launched a Windows 95/98 backdoor named 'Back Orifice' (BO).
  • The installation of this "Back Orifice" enables unofficial users to carry out restricted actions on Microsoft's operating system Windows 98.

Back Orifice Administration

There is a variety of roles Back Orifice administration play to take control of Microsoft's operating systems, which comprises:

  • Control on systems: It can distantly lock or reboot the operating systems. It also can access comprehensive system data, comprising access to the entire drives and passwords.
  • Access on the file system: It can access the file system and can perform functions such as copying, altering, locking, removing, compression, etc.
    Cryptography: It makes safe and protects the administration of network and extensive plug-in design for resilience.
  • Access on multimedia and applications: It can access any multimedia device and applications, such as the webcam of computer systems, microphone, plays audio/video (A/V) files, gets screenshots, etc.
  • Control on the network: It controls the monitoring of data, logs, and passwords at the same time as transmitting any arriving packet to any port in the direction of any further port or address.

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