What is the full form of BOFH?

Full form of BOFH: Here, we are going to learn what does BOFH stands for? BOFH – which is an abbreviation of "Bastard Operator From Hell" in Computer Acronyms/Abbreviations, etc.
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BOFH: Bastard Operator From Hell

BOFH is an abbreviation of "Bastard Operator From Hell".

It is a fictional character of a computer operator or system administrator, who behaves rudely with the employees when they communicate and request for network or computer related issues. The stories which are written based on this fictional character BOFH are about communication between a system administrator and users, in which a user contact system administrator for computer or network related problems and in that situation system administrator behaves rudely with excuses to do what requested to him.

In 1992, the original stories of this character were posted by Simon Travaglia on Usenet. Some of these stories reprinted between 1992 and 1998 in the US-based computer magazine "Datamation". As time passed, the term has to turn out to be a division of Internet slang that illustrates a system administrator or any computer operator that behaves with rudeness towards users for a variety of things.

In 2000, the British technology-based news and opinion website, The Register, which later shifted to register.com and combined with theregister.co.uk, started publishing Simon Travagalia BOFH stories daily.

Many original articles by Travaglia have been published at that time in anthologies and with the time as the media access to these, many other fictional characters came in the scenario.

Some of these other fictional characters are:

  • The "PFY" (Pimply-Faced Youth), this fictional character was the assistant to the BOFH.
  • The "Network Boss".
  • The "Head of IT".
  • The "help desk operators", this fictional character was alluded to as the "Helldesk".
  • The "security department officer".

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