What is the full form of BPDU?

Full form of BPDU: Here, we are going to learn what does BPDU stands for? BPDU – which is an abbreviation of "Bridge Protocol Data Unit" in Computer Acronyms/Abbreviations, etc.
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BPDU: Bridge Protocol Data Unit

BPDU is an abbreviation of the "Bridge Protocol Data Unit".

It is a data message in the form of a frame that used to exchange or transmits information within an organized superfluous Local Area Network (LAN) by using a MAC address from its source of basis port to the Multicast address. BPDU consists of information regarding the spanning tree protocol which is required to organize and keep up its topology. It also consists of information about switches, ports, port priority, costs, and addresses. In a local area network topology, the data messages are transmitted across bridges to identify loops. After identification of loops, preferred bridge interfaces are then close down to eradicate loops and putting down superfluous switch ports in the state of backup support or blocked state.

Processing of BPDU

  • In the transmission of BPDU, the transmission, in the beginning, does not begin instantly by devices which are connected to switch ports. By contrast, the devices progress through a variety of unusual conditions at the same time as the processing of transmission of BPDU resolves the network topology. After resolving the network topology, the Configured BPDU is transmitted by root bridges to make available data port information to the entire switches.
  • A topology change notification (TCN) BPDU transmitted by bridges in the direction of the root bridges to inform further switches of port changes in the topology, such as port up or port down. The introduction of TCNs into the network is done by a non-root switch and transmitted to the root in the topology.
  • When the TCN BPDU is received by root bridges, then there will be a topology change done by the root switch to lay down a topology change flag in its standard BPDU. This flag is transmitted instantly to the entire additional switches to give a command to them to quickly age out their forwarding table opening

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