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Full form of BPL: Here, we are going to learn what does BPL stands for? BPL – which is an abbreviation of "Broadband Over Power Lines" in Computer Acronyms/Abbreviations, etc.
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BPL: Broadband Over Power Lines

BPL is an abbreviation of "Broadband Over Power Lines".

BPL is also occasionally called as Internet over power line (IPL) or power line telecommunication (PLT). It is a system of the process which enables comparatively high-speed broadband digital internet data transmission over the open electric power distribution wiring through regular electric power lines of power line communication (PLC) technology. In the process of gaining high-speed Internet access, a system of the computer, or any additional device, requires merely a BPL modem to plug it into any electric opening in an operational and equipped structure of the house or any building.

Technologies of Broadband

The technologies are classified into two segments, which comprise,

  • Wireless: These wireless technologies are:
    1. Free space optics
    2. LMDS and MMDS
    3. Wi-MAX
    4. 3G Smartphone devices
    5. Wireless Fidelity(Wi-Fi)
    6. Satellite
  • Wire-line: These wire-line technologies are:
    1. Broadband over power lines(BPL)
    2. Digital Subscriber line(DSL) cable Modem
    3. Optical Fiber Technologies

Categories of BPL

BPL is classified into two categories:

Access BPL: In this BPL service, electrical transmission lines are used to distribute the services of broadband to the houses. The signals of broadband pass through the medium voltage power lines, eluding transformers, using repeaters which are put down at each mile by the side of the transmission path after the transmission medium gets converted from fiber-optic to medium voltage power lines by BPL coupler. At the end of transmission, the broadband is received either by house-installed BPL wireless receivers through a BPL wireless device or the transmission signal gets transmitted to every single house through low-voltage electrical lines and provided by the use of any BPL wired receiver.

Access BPL is classified into two categories:

  • End to End Access BPL
  • Hybrid Access BPL

In-House BPL: In this BPL service, the transmission of broadband is inside a house or building structure by using the electrical lines of that building to make an available set of connections. The devices which are used in this BPL are associated with the in-house wiring and use sockets as access points. The basis of the design of this network of BPL is to make available short distance communication and to resolve its issues within that in-house network.

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