What is the full form of BPSK?

Full form of BPSK: Here, we are going to learn what does BPSK stands for? BPSK – which is an abbreviation of "Binary Phase Shift Keying" in Computer Acronyms/Abbreviations, etc.
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BPSK: Binary Phase Shift Keying

BPSK is an abbreviation of "Binary Phase Shift Keying".

BPSK is also occasionally called phase reversal keying (PRK), or 2PSK, which is the elementary form of phase-shift keying (PSK). Phase Shift Keying is a progression of the digital modulation method, which processes the transmission of data by modulating the phase of a carrier wave. The process of this transmission is achieved by changing the phase of sine and cosine inputs at a specific instance of time. The method of Phase Shift Keying is commonly used for wireless LANs, bio-metric, contactless operations, all along with RFID and Bluetooth communications.

In the process of BPSK, it is a progression of a two-phase modulation system of the method, in which the sine wave carrier signal acquires two different phase reversals, 0's and 1's in a binary format.

  • In case of binary 1, θ = 0°
  • In case of binary 0, θ = 180°

Advantages of BPSK

  • In the process of transmission, modulated data of BPSK can pass through longer distances, when it transmitted initially from the base station or subscriber stations because of the property that the sine wave carrier signal acquires two different phase reversals, 0's and 1's in a binary format.
  • Modulation of BPSK is used by the majority of cellular towers for communication of long distances or transmission of the data.
  • In the recovery process of indigenous binary information, the BPSK demodulator needs to make simply two decisions. For this reason, in comparison to additional modulation categories, the BPSK receiver is extremely fundamental.
  • BPSK is power efficient modulation system of the method as in the process of transmission; a smaller amount of power is considered necessary to transmit the carrier signal data with less number of bits.

Disadvantages of BPSK

  • In the system of method of BPSK modulation, one bit is transmitted by one particular analog carrier signal. Therefore, there is a similarity between data rate in bits per second and the symbol rate.
  • In contrast to further modulation categories, BPSK is not bandwidth efficient modulation system of method.

Reference: Phase-shift keying

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