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What is the full form of CAD?

Full form of CAD: Here, we are going to learn about the CAD, full form of CAD, overview, tools, usages, advantages and disadvantages.
Submitted by Anushree Goswami, on November 23, 2019

CAD: Computer Aided Design

CAD is an abbreviation of Computer-Aided Design. CAD is technical software used by engineers, architects, artists, drafters to create designs and to make technical drawings in two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D). It is a merger of hardware and software that makes it easier for an engineer to design and create everything. It makes available for use the amenity to view a design or drawing for closure or a faraway look from any angle and to zoom in or out respectively. Furthermore, according to the designer changes happen by making the change in the design, all the coordinates and values which are depending on that also change.

In 1980, CAD systems were diversely built and established computers earlier till the mid-80s, but now CAD software is available to purchase and can be run on any personal computer system.

CAD full form

Image source: https://www.autodesk.com.au/solutions/cad-drawing

CAD Tools

Tools which are required for CAD software in computer systems are,

  • High quality graphics monitor
  • Digitizing tablet
  • Light pen
  • Mouse
  • Special printer or plotter

Usage of CAD

  • The arrangement of the physical constituent of the production of large scale products is designed by using 2D and 3D tools in the software.
  • Space vehicles, aircraft, missiles, and satellites are designed by using CAD software.
  • CAD software is used for building purposes by architectures. In the case of floor plans, the 2D tool is used by them and in case of the schematics of houses 3d tool is used by them.
  • Auto components are designed by using CAD software such as tires, engines, etc.
  • Climate, road, and topographic maps are designed by CAD software in cartography.


  • It will save user's lots of time and the user can make more effective, satisfactory and more efficient designs in less time period.
  • It will be much simpler and easier to make any changes because a user can fix the errors and improve the drawings easily.
  • The percentage of error that happened because of manual designing is remarkably diminished because of the use of the best tools in the software.
  • The amount of effort for the purpose of designing the diverse models has been diminished remarkably because most of the tasks are automated by the software.


  • In CAD, work can be anytime lost because of the unexpected failure of computers.
  • The work in CAD is susceptible to viruses.
  • The work in CAD could be easily "hacked".
  • It takes time to learn, how to operate or run the CAD software.
  • It takes high production costs or purchasing costs for new systems.

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