What is the full form of CBL?

Full form of CBL: Here, we are going to learn what does CBL stands for? CBL – which is an abbreviation of "Calculator-Based Laboratory" in Computer Acronyms/Abbreviations, etc.
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CBL: Calculator-Based Laboratory

CBL is an abbreviation of "Calculator-Based Laboratory".

It is a mobile data collection based piece of equipment. The process of collection of data through CBL can bring into play either by operating unaided or in combination with the aid of a TI graphing calculator, which enables the user to simply bring together real-time data, examine it and evaluate the outcomes. In this process of collection of data, a variety of sensors are also used in combination with CBL such as motion detector, temperature probe, light probe, etc

In this piece of equipment, it comprises an order of commands in which:

  • The beginning of every step of the commands starts with a colon (:).
  • Every command is to be carried out in accessible applications such as the default calculator and the graphical calculation program.
  • In contrast to programming languages, the commands of this piece of equipment are different.


  • In 1994, Calculator-Based Laboratory is launched.
  • In association with Vernier Software & Technology, it is fabricated by Texas Instruments.

Features of Calculator-Based Laboratory

  • It provides channels for the collection of data, which measures:
    1. Motion
    2. Temperature
    3. Light
    4. PH
    5. Force
  • It operates by making a connection to the TI graphing calculator.
  • It carries out three different modes of functions:
    1. Communications, in case of the collection of common data.
    2. It uses a multimeter to measure voltage, resistance, etc.
    3. It measures internal battery voltage through the device.
  • In the CBL device, users can keep update the status and collected data through the updated information displaying on the screen.
  • To collect data manually from the CBL unit, Trigger is provided in the device for this function.
  • The CH VIEW (Channel View) feature enables keeping a check on data, which are being collected on operative channels.
  • Input/output port is available for connection.

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