What is the full form of CBT?

Full form of CBT: Here, we are going to learn what does CBT stands for? CBT – which is an abbreviation of "Computer Based Training" in Computer Acronyms/Abbreviations, etc.
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CBT: Computer Based Training

CBT is an abbreviation of "Computer-based training".

It is a training program which entails the use of a personal system or networked computer. The delivery of training can be through a company or educational intranet, Web-based online training, synchronous and asynchronous, Smartphone's, and long-distance learning.

A number of the fundamental attributes that classify computer-based training in the following given points:

  • In a systematic procedure of method, it delivers a small amount of information.
  • It encourages beginners to respond to a tutorial session occasionally from time to time.
  • It provides beginners and trained student's feedback on their responses or complete growth and progress.
  • It enables beginners to take training sessions at their own individual pace.
  • It organizes learning fundamentals for progressing on to the subsequent tutorial session.

Advantages of CBT

  • It is easily reached to the extensive learners at many places and it is effectual and helpful about its cost for the beginner.
  • It puts forward an inspiring and thought to provoke atmosphere for the student where that student can turn out to be skilled and trained at his own individual pace.
  • It helps in preserving associations and institutes trainer costs, expenses for organizing training and traveling, and students traveling cost expenditure and time.
  • It also provides certifications devoid of the disturbance of traveling to a training center to the hectic and busy software corporation professionals.

Disadvantages of CBT

  • Regular students or beginners who have low enthusiasm and inspiration or the ones who follow not so good study routines may fall back.
  • Lack of schedule and not so proper everyday organized structure of a conventional training session may make beginners and students bewildered regarding lessons and tutorials activities and their time limit.
  • It creates a certain distraction and distortion between student and trainer communication because of distance and improper command between them.
  • In the case of slow Internet connections or too much used old personal computers, this may create the situation of accessing tutorial session materials annoying and exasperating.

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