What is Creative Commons (CC)?

Creative Commons (CC): Here, we are going to learn about the Creative Commons, and its advantages and disadvantages.
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CC: Creative Commons

CC is an abbreviation of "Creative Commons". Creative Commons is an American non-profit organization, which is committed to helping artists and skilled individuals in sharing their knowledge and creativity by growing the variety and collection of creative works, which can be accessible for others, legally. It expands growth, supports, and supervises legal arrangements and technological organizational structures that make the most of digital creativity, advancement, sharing, and innovation.

The Individuals or groups, who can contemplate by using Creative Commons licenses to put together their work accessible to a broader audience, are Artists, musicians, audio engineers, event managers, wedding planners, photographers, bloggers, video-makers, filmmakers, etc. Numerous video and photo-sharing media sites comprise features that enable users to post Creative Commons content on a digital platform such as YouTube, sounds cloud, Vimeo, Wikimedia Commons, and Flickr, which make Creative Commons licenses further trendy. This feature of Creative Commons licensing is normally set up inside advanced settings or sometimes in sharing features.

Creative Commons Advantages

There are a lot of advantages of Creative Commons, which comprise:

  • In legal arrangements and procedures, Creative Commons licenses are easy and in case of complications and difficulties in licensing of content, they offer rapid guidance.
  • The creative, knowledge, and skill based works are accessible with pre-applied permissions, therefore artist or any other individual or group do not have to ask for permissions to reprocess available works.
  • The licenses of Creative Commons are freely accessible and open for use, extensively implemented, and flexible.
  • The availability of Creative Commons licenses is also accessible in three configurations, together with machine-readable code.

Creative Commons Disadvantages

There are a lot of disadvantages also of Creative Commons, which comprise:

  • The licenses of Creative Commons are not suitable for those artists or any other individual or group, who are determined to achieve commercial success or some kind of proper commercial gain through their work.
  • Except for the license terms an artist or any other individual or group already choose to apply or put into effect, they have no other control or command over the use of their work by somebody else.
  • The Licenses chosen by an artist or any other individual or group are permanent and not able to be changed, they cannot take out copies of work published under Creative Commons a soon after the date.
  • In case of strict command over licenses, an individual or group can choose only six of them. Creative Commons licensing is free for use but limited.

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