What is the full form of CCC?

Full form of CCC: Here, we are going to learn what does CCC stands for? CCC – which is an abbreviation of "Catalyst Control Center" in Computer Acronyms/Abbreviations, etc.
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CCC: Catalyst Control Center

CCC is an abbreviation of the "AMD Catalyst Control Center".

It is an elemental part of the AMD Catalyst software engine. It makes use of Qt, which is a free and open-source widget toolkit, as a component of its set of programming tools, for producing graphical user interfaces in addition to cross-platform applications. This AMD Catalyst Control Center application makes available video customization preferences to regulate display setting, set out display profiles and production and performances of video and plays an extremely fundamental role in working of the video card.


  • In June 2002, ATI Technologies, which is pre-eminently famous for its computer processors, designed and created the Catalyst Control Center (CCC) with version 02.1 to set off its procession of Radeon video cards.
  • AMD Catalyst Control Center first turned out to be accessible in the form of a device driver and utility software package after the launch of the Radeon 8500 GPU in October 2001.
  • In the beginning, the launched software package of ATI Technologies Radeon family of graphics product incorporated Hydra-vision, unified driver, a multimedia center; Remote Wonder software, and other display components.
  • In contrast to all the components, the AMD Catalyst Control Center turned out to be a well-accepted addition to any computer. The utility software package turned out to be recognized as AMD Catalyst Control Center, after the acquirement of ATI by Advanced Micro Devices (AMD).
  • At present, in the form of an elemental part of the AMD Catalyst software package, it is available for download.

Features in Catalyst Control Center

  • Management of Display feature: It enables an individual to administer and control a variety of displays, screen resolutions.
  • Control and administer of Digital feature: It involves the management and operation of image scaling, enabling for enhanced display of resolutions.
    Allowing 3D feature: It alludes to the settings of graphics for operating video games.
  • Adjustment of the color feature: It involves varying display elements such as brightness, color, scale and layout, resolution, contrast, and more.

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