What is the full form of CCDE?

Full form of CCDE: Here, we are going to learn what does CCDE stands for? CCDE – which is an abbreviation of "Cisco Certified Design Expert" in Computer Acronyms/Abbreviations, etc.
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CCDE: Cisco Certified Design Expert

CCDE is an abbreviation of the "Cisco Certified Design Expert".

It is a technical certification, which was set up to support and provide guidance to the individuals in the industry to evaluate expert standard-based network design skills at the global level. The certification is provided by Cisco Systems. The importance given by CCDE certification is mostly on network design standards, guidelines, and concepts at the level of infrastructure. The network designers, who are experts and can maintain the progressively more intricate networks of international associations and groups by successfully converting trade plans and policies into gradually developed technological and procedural plans and policies, are acknowledged by this prominent official certification.

The analyzing and accessing tools and system of methods of CCDE certification program for experts are incessantly brings up to date and modifies to make certain and keep up the feature, significance, and worth of CCDE certification program.

Eligibility Requirements

The standards of eligibility requirements are established based on the network design skills by CCDE certification program, by conducting,

  1. A CCDE Written Exam:
    1. The duration of this written exam is 2-hours.
    2. It takes under and enfolds network design in the fields of routing, tunneling, Quality of Service (QoS), management, cost, capacity, and security.
    3. A candidate should qualify for the written exam to turn out to be eligible for the CCDE practical lab exam.
  2. A CCDE Lab Exam:
    1. The duration of this lab exam is 8-hours.
    2. The Practical exam evaluates the candidate's aptitude to carry out the study of design, rationalize by giving proper reasons for the necessities of design, and build up a design execution.
    3. To register for the CCDE practical lab exam, the candidate must qualify for the CCDE written exam.

CCDE Written and Lab Examination Syllabus

  • The written examination syllabus of CCDE constitutes:
    1. Layer 2 Control Plane
    2. Layer 3 Control Plane
    3. Network Virtualization
    4. Design Considerations
    5. Evolving Technologies v1.1
  • The Lab examination syllabus of CCDE constitutes:
    1. Analyze Design Requirements
    2. Develop Network Design
    3. Implement Network Design
    4. Validate and Optimize Network Design

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