What is the full form of CCFL?

Full form of CCFL: Here, we are going to learn what does CCFL stands for? CCFL – which is an abbreviation of "Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp" in Computer Acronyms/Abbreviations, etc.
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CCFL: Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp

CCFL is an abbreviation of a "Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp".

It is a lighting system lamp that contains cathode that discharges electrons and it also makes use of fluorescence. It is largely used as a source of light in case of backlights, for the reason that in contrast to regular fluorescent lamps, they are smaller in size and have a prolonged duration of life.

Into the cathode glass tube of CCFL, by changing the category and pressure of the infused substance, an extensive range of temperature and quality of color can be pulled off, at the same time as also by changing the width and category of the phosphor, which is used to cover the inside wall of the cathode tube, the same temperature, and quality of color can be reached.


  • CCFL bulbs function highly as same as traditional light-emitting heated bulbs. Accordingly, in the case of individuals who don’t prefer time delay, they are effective energy resourceful bulbs, which in contrast to CFL bulbs, switch on immediately.
  • In contrast to compact fluorescent bulbs, the duration of life of cold cathode fluorescent bulbs is highly prolonged.
  • Cold cathode light bulbs can essentially be used with regular light-emitting heated dimmer switches.
  • The use of the level of mercury, in contrast, is in a lesser amount by Cold cathode light bulbs, the mercury which is having been discovered in the traditional CFL bulbs.


  • Cold cathode fluorescent bulbs are restricted or banned because of the use of mercury in the cathode tube in numerous countries.
  • In contrast to LED bulbs, the life span of CCFL bulbs is less.
  • In the CCFL backlight, there is a requirement of a higher voltage.
  • In CCFL backlight, there is a requirement of an inverter.
  • CCFL backlight emission of light effectiveness is low.

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