What is CDE (Common Desktop Environment)?

Full form of CDE: Here, we are going to learn what does CDE stands for? CDE – which is an abbreviation of "Common Desktop Environment" in Computer Acronyms/Abbreviations, etc.
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CDE: Common Desktop Environment

CDE is an abbreviation of the "Common Desktop Environment". It is a desktop environment, which works for operating systems like UNIX and OpenVMS based on the combination of attributes of graphical user interface and widget toolkit, known as Motif widget toolkit. CDE provides further highly developed facilities at the same time as well-known attributes of GUI, which are mutual expanses of operations and functions, access of desktop to the system, and resources of a set of connections.

CDE History

  • In June 1993, the four corporations, which publicized the Common Desktop Environment, as a combined progressed and expanded desktop environment are Hewlett-Packard, IBM, SunSoft, and USL, inside the initiative known as Common Open Software Environment (COSE), which was established by the most significant Unix vendors in March 1993.
  • The contributions in the form of technology were done by all the corporations to the CDE such as the contribution of Hewlett-Packard for Common Desktop Environment was primary environment based on HP's Visual User Environment (VUE) and contribution of IBM was its Common User Access model from OS/2's Workplace Shell etc.
  • In March 1994, Open Software Foundation and Unix International combined and established a "new OSF", which turned out to be a responsibility for CDE.
    In 1996, the newly established Open Group made OSF one of its sections.
  • In February 1997, version 2.1, the final most significant version of CDE was launched by Open Group.
  • In 1997, Red Hat started providing a version of CDE, which granted an official license from TriTeal Corporation.
  • In 2001, in support of GNOME, Sun Microsystems declared that they would stop operations by phases of CDE in the form of the standard desktop environment in Solaris.

Ownership of CDE

Some of the systems, which provide ownership of CDE are,

  • Digital UNIX
  • Tru64 UNIX
  • OpenVMS
  • UnixWare
  • UXP/DS

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