What is CDFS (Compact Disc File System)?

Full form of CDFS: Here, we are going to learn what does CDFS stands for? CDFS – which is an abbreviation of "Compact Disc File System" in Computer Acronyms/Abbreviations, etc.
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CDFS: Compact Disc File System

CDFS is an abbreviation of the "Compact Disc File System". It is a virtual file system, which is used to store data in the form of tracks and images on Compact Discs. It is a file system standard, which was published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and is also known as "ISO 9660." It works for operating systems like Unix and Linux.

The categories of tracks supported by CDFS are given in the following,

  • Red Book Compact Disc Digital Audio(CD-DA)
  • White Book Video Compact Disc
  • Yellow Book CD-ROM Data

A variety of features of Disc are mentioned by CDFS, which comprises,

  • The volume features.
  • File features.
  • File arrangement and positioning feature.
  • The complete data structure of a Compact Disc, such as the header size and the storage section of data of the disc.
  • VCACHE driver is used as a feature to manage and organize the CD-ROM disc cache, which enables smoother playback in a CD-ROM disc.

Although, in the beginning, CDFS was created and developed for read-only single-session discs, subsequent to a period of time, an extension of the standard was created, which enables numerous session writing feature to CD-R discs.

CDFS makes available an extensive variety of services on write-once media, which comprise,

  • Creation of files.
  • Replacement of files.
  • Renaming or deletion of files.

CDFS History

  • During the mid 1980s, CDFS was designed and created by Simson Garfinkel and J. Spencer Love at the MIT Media Lab.

CDFS Applications

A number of applications are given of the Compact Disk File System in the below mentioned points,

  • CDFS can be put into operation over a range of Operating System.
  • CDFS is helpful and functional in burning discs, which can simply be transferred from one device to another different device.
  • CDFS makes available an extensive variety of services for the entire users.
  • CDFS manages and organizes files in an effectively systematic manner through the means of hierarchical tree file system to diminish non-sequential access.

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