What is the full form of CD-R?

Full form of CD-R: Here, we are going to learn what does CD-R stands for? CD-R – which is an abbreviation of "Compact Disk Recordable" in Computer Acronyms/Abbreviations, etc.
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CD-R: Compact Disk Recordable

CD-R is an abbreviation of "Compact Disk Recordable". It is a storage disc configuration, a type of digital optical compact disc which writes once and read randomly numerous numbers of times. The term "recordable" in CD-R is used for the reason that CD-Rs are frequently used in recordings of audio.

CD-R History

  • In 1988, the first time, the CD-R parameter was issued and publicized by Philips and Sony in the 'Orange Book', which at the beginning named CD Write-Once (WO).
  • In 1990, the accessibility of CD-R recording systems reached the public.
  • In 1991, CDRM Recordable Media was the foremost corporation group, which effectively and proficiently in a productive manner made the exact copy of CD-R media.
  • By 1992, the price range of usual CD-R recording systems was under $12,000.
  • In September 1995, model 4020i was launched by Hewlett-Packard, which was built and produced by Philips. The cost price of this model was $995, which was the only recording system that cost less than $1000 at that time.
  • As of 2010, there is an availability of a variety of writable CD-Rs in the market.


A number of methods are used to write to a CD-R in various sessions by CD recording system, which comprises:

  • Disc At Once:
    1. The writing of the entire CD-R is done in a single session with no gaps in between the tracks.
    2. The disc is "closed" states that there is no additional amount of data can be supplemented and the CD-R successfully turns out to be a typical read-only CD.
  • Track At Once:
    1. One track cover at a time, data are written to the CD-R however in case of extra recording afterward, the CD is left "open".
    2. On a similar CD-R, it also enables the placement of data and audio.
  • Packet Writing:
    1. In the form of "packets" recording of data to a CD-R, Packet Writing is used.
    2. Chances of concerns of compatibility can occur with this configuration of Packet writing and a number of CD drives.

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