What is Cellular Telephone?

Cellular Telephone: Here, we are going to learn what is Cellular Telephone? Types of Cellular Telephone, advantages, disadvantages, etc.
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Cellular Telephone

Cellular telephone, which is also called as a mobile cell phone or simply cell phone is a movable device, able to be simply carried away and can make and accept calls through digital communication over wireless radio frequency connection at the same time when the user is in the movable state inside a region of telephone service.

After the year 2000, in addition to the service of calling, mobile phones or cell phones also started providing various other services, which comprises text messaging, MMS, email, Internet access, infrared wireless communications, Bluetooth, applications, video games, and digital photography, and theses mobile phones are called as feature phones. Mobile phones which make available highly significant developed computing facilities or services are known as Smartphones.

Types of Mobile phones

Mobile phones are of three types, which comprise:

  • Feature phone
  • Smart phone
  • Kosher phone


  • Cell phones provide a customer with a choice to call for help if that customer is in some problem or lost somewhere.
  • Cell phone devices enable us to retrieve information through internet services rapidly.
  • On cell phone devices, there is a lot of countless skill and knowledge-based learning opportunities accessible for the customer.
  • On cell phone devices, a customer can make to-do notes, business, and work schedules, build up exercise, and can make a lot of other activity plans.


  • Cell phones create a considerable duration of distraction for customers during the study, work, or when they are involved in some serious activity, which requires absolute attention.
  • Cell phones expose customers to the problem and difficulty of cyberbullying further over and over again.
  • Cell phone technologies can build addictive inclination towards social media applications in customers.

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