What is the full form of CF?

Full form of CF: Here, we are going to learn what does CF stands for? CF – which is an abbreviation of "CompactFlash" in Computer Acronyms/Abbreviations, etc.
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CF: CompactFlash

CF is an abbreviation of "CompactFlash". It is a mass storage memory card-based format, which uses the electronic non-volatile computer memory storage medium known as Flash memory. In 1994, it was first created by SanDisk.

In the beginning, CompactFlash turned out to be a highly accomplished memory card in comparison to other memory cards such as Miniature Card and SmartMedia, which gets left in the competition. In 2008, a modified version of CompactFlash, CFast was launched, which is based on the Serial ATA interface, at that time conventional CompactFlash cards make use of the Parallel ATA interface.

In the beginning, CompactFlash was manufactured in the order of Intel's NOR-based flash memory; however, it was shifted to NAND technology. This card operates through 50 pinholes that connect within the camera or with its card reader. Over portable storage cards, these pins are certainly without any doubt the major disadvantage in using CompactFlash memory card.


The CompactFlash version CF 5.0 specification carries card capacities up to 128 PiB by using a 48-bit logical block addressing (LBA).

Advantages of CompactFlash

  • Every time an individual buys a new camera, that individual doesn't need to change his CompactFlash memory card with the new card, as CompactFlash memory card can be used in old cameras also. In a variety of latest new cameras, the format of the CompactFlash memory card has been preferred.
  • The huge size of the CompactFlash memory card makes an individual not much worry about the aspect of losing that card as in comparison to CompactFlash memory card other cards are very smaller such as SD Cards.
  • The physically huge size of the CompactFlash memory card shows that in comparison to other memory cards it takes more space, which also shows the available substantial space of the CompactFlash memory card slot for the augmented latest memory chips.
  • The huge size of the compatible CompactFlash memory card in the new cameras also shows that in the past it usually available and cost less in comparison to other varieties of latest memory cards.

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